Where to eat, Thanksgiving Atlanta

turkeydaySo, a search of Open Table shows availability at some of our favorite restaurants. We haven’t reviewed them all but I have provided notes in case any of you didn’t get an invite to Grandma’s house :)

Capital Grill – Fabulous steak house in Buckhead with nice views toward Midtown if the Streets of Buckhead haven’t blocked them yet. It’s our go-to for a classic steak dinner. Visit their website.

Atmosphere (French) – We did a review recently and love this place. Looks like there is quite a bit of availability as of the 16th. Visit their website.

Southern Art and Bourbon Bar – We just celebrated a friend/client’s birthday here. The food and service were excellent. I suspect they’ll offer a nice southern Thanksgiving meal with no clean up required! Visit their website.

5 Church – This is just down the street from our offices. I’ve lunched here several times and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Early time slots only but it’s Thanksgiving so early might even be better to allow for time to walk it off. Visit their website.

10th and Piedmont – Midtown fun is had here. I like the idea of Chicken and Waffles for ThanksgivingVisit their website.

Maybe try something different?Takorea – Why not…I haven’t been here in awhile but it has stood the test of time. Might be a fun change of pace for Turkey day… Visit their website.

We also have it on good authority that you can head over to 57th Fighter Group Restaurant  and the Four Seasons (thanks John)

Note – we did call a few of our favourites and found out they will not be open on Thanksgiving Day so if you’re not sure, plan to call sooner rather than later!!