The Midtown Promenade – Reviewed by the Environs Team

Midtown Promenade AtlantaThis month we’ve been working on a new helpful guide, this time to the Midtown Promenade, a retail destination that’s home to the Midtown Art Cinema, Trader Joe’s and is located, now, rather conveniently, just off the Beltline Eastside Trail.  There’s so much in this small area that once we got started, we just couldn’t stop!! Please enjoy what our team has to say, then head back over to the Promenade to check it out for yourselves.

Metro Fresh

Reviewed by Environs Team Partner, Realtor®, John Powell.

Metro Fresh - Midtown Promenade

John and Leslie

Metro Fresh - Midtown Promenade

Soup and Salad

On a cool, crisp and sunny day in Midtown, Leslie and I enjoyed a refreshing and healthy lunch at one of our favorite dining spots in the Midtown Promenade at Metro Fresh. As always the staff was friendly, helpful and quick to provide a delicious and filling meal.  I had a 1/2 Sandwich (tomato, avocado and caramelized onion, white bean hummus on Parmesan foccacia with mixed greens) & Thai coconut veggie with tofu soup; and, Leslie had the Thai Coconut veggie with tofu soup & ciabatta roll.

Metro Fresh is consistently good quality and a friendly easy experience.  The Environs Real Estate team also use them for catering our Open House events from time to time!  Their menu changes every day so you can have a different choice whenever you visit.

Visit the Metro Fresh Website to view their daily menu.

Desi Spice Indian Restaurant

Reviewed by Environs Website Coordinator, Amanda Chappell. 

Desi Spice Indian Restaurant - Midtown Promenade

Poppadoms with dips – mint, chutney, spicy.

The Indian food at Desi Spice is much the same style as Indian food in the UK, where this writer grew up.  If you take the staff’s occasionally strange ways in your stride, its a lovely experience (and a little comical).  The food is consistent and always full of flavor.  The décor is intriguing, and there’s always a Bollywood movie playing on one of the TVs (muted sound, but visually stunning).

Desi Spice Indian Restaurant - Midtown Promenade

Vegetable Tikka Masala w/ peas pilao rice

I recommend starting with the poppadoms and pickle tray.  We usually order one main dish per person and one rice dish for 2 people (the peas pilau rice is refreshing and light) plus a garlic naan bread.  Their food is as hot and spicy as you want it to be but always full of interesting flavors; however, it’s also quite addictive, so you can leave too full!  I’ve never been disappointed with the yoghurt-based Lamb Pasanda or Lamb Tikka Masala.   You can also ask for any of their main dishes as a vegetable dish and skip the meat.

The Desi Spice website has location and hours, but for the full menu visit their Yelp page.

Tapa Tapa

Reviewed by Environs Founding Partner, Dawn Landau.

Tapa Tapa - Midtown Promenade

This restaurant is a sister of Apres Diem right across the courtyard and a mainstay of Midtown Promenade. Terry and I visited Tapa Tapa after seeing The Big Short at the Midtown Art Cinema…what a GREAT flick for a real estate agent and a residential builder :-) but I digress…go see it.

The restaurant was busy but we found a place at the bar. Nice service from our bartender. The wine list is short but good enough. We settled on a Tempranillo…when in Spain! We ordered the Lomito De Res Con Salsa Romesco (beef tips in Romesco sauce), Repollo De Bruselas Y Chorizo (brussel sprouts and chorizo in a spicy sauce) and Manzana Con Hinojo Y Manchego (a fennel, apple and Manchego salad). Terry loved the beef tips and thought them well worth the $13 price tag. I LOVED the salad and will go back for that and the atmosphere. The brussels were over-sauced that night. Flavors were good but they were just a little too heavy.

We’ll definitely go back…I wouldn’t be surprised to see this concept expand when space becomes available. It’s a perfect for the movie-going crowd!

Visit the Tapa Tapa Facebook page for latest information.

F.R.O.G.S. Cantina

Reviewed by Environs Lead Administrator, Tara Scott (accompanied by Realtor®, Paige Stills).

F.R.O.G.S. restaurant and cantina

Taco Salad with beef

Paige and I had a great dinner at FROGS last night! I had the  Taco Salad with beef and a mango margarita!  And Paige ordered the BBQ chicken quesadilla with Tropical Rita margarita (“muy bueno”).  We went on a Wednesday night, which is Trivia night! This restaurant has a fun and vibrant atmosphere and our waitress was incredibly friendly and helpful with suggestions. We had a blast drinking margaritas and enjoying our food. I can’t wait to visit again in the spring to enjoy the outdoor patio space! The food was delicious and we will absolutely be back!

Visit the F.R.O.G.S. website for menu and events details.

F.R.O.G.S. restaurant and cantina

Paige & Tara at F.R.O.G.S.

The Highlander

Reviewed by Environs Lead Administrator, Tara Scott

The Highlander - Midtown Promenade Atlanta

Tara with the “pitcher of Tater Tots”

I’m really glad I got to check this place out!  Food: Appetizer- “Pitcher of Tater Tots” with cheese and jalapenos (pictured with me!), I also had a Cuban Burger.  Also ordered by our group: New Mexico Burger and the Chicago Beef French Dip.

I visited the Highlander on a Tuesday night with some girl friends. The establishment is a 21 and over bar so make sure you bring your ID! The food is delicious and the atmosphere is casual, as smoking is allowed and games like pool, air hockey and pinball are available for patrons to play. The food was delicious and specials include all you can eat crab legs and burgers for $6.66 on Wednesdays. If you’re looking for a good burger and a beer the Highlander is the perfect spot! But if you’re easily offended by cigarette smoke or dark humor beware!

The Highlander website has a menu plus events and news.

Trader Joe’s

Reviewed by Environs Lead Administrator, Tara Scott.

Trader Joes

TJ’s “Morse code” (the curious bell ringing)

Trader Joe’s in the Midtown Promenade is one of the busiest and highest traffic locations in the Midtown area. Trader Joe’s is a specialty grocery store that focuses on delivering their customers the highest value products for the lowest price.  In fact, all Trader Joe’s products are made from non-GMO foods, and contain no high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, artificial colors or flavors.  The Midtown location is one of our favorites because it boasts local pride and each register is named after a Midtown street.  The supermarket also has a focus on giving back to the communities they position themselves in and they donate leftover food to food banks, pantries and/or soup kitchens.  If the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from giving back isn’t enough then try the cookie butter.  One of Trader Joes most popular products flies right off the shelves and it’s very versatile!  Check out 12 ways to eat Cookie Butter.

Richard’s Variety Store

Reviewed by Environs Founding Partner, Dawn Landau.

Inside Richards Variety Store

Amazing array of goodies

If you haven’t been to Richard’s and you live INTOWN, now’s the time! It’s an old-fashioned “dime store” with racy greeting cards, every board game in the book, super-fun candy and toys at the check out (even candy cigs on most days), oriental rugs, all sorts of cooking utensils and Ball jars, wrapping paper, a book store, racy greeting cards (oh maybe I mentioned that already) and last but not least, a coin-operated horse for the kids to ride. Be sure to give yourself a minute the first time you visit. Frankly, I still haven’t ventured all the way to the back…those greeting cards draw me in and don’t let go :-)

Richards have an online store too, but if you live in Midtown, the real thing is better!

Richards Variety Store

Greetings Cards for All Occasions!