The 2nd Annual (and super cool) Oakhurst Porchfest

Dawn and her mom at Oakwood PorchfestSaturday, October 8th was the second annual Oakhurst Porchfest, but the first for some of the Environs Team who made it out that lovely day.  Dawn and her mom (escaping Hurricane Matthew) and the Environs web designer Amanda and her parents (escaping England, for no particular reason) headed out to explore this really relaxing, fun and thoroughly local event.  Also, did we mention this event is totally free to attend and if you didn’t bring your own libations, many porches offer free drinks and snacks!!

First, there’s Oakhurst itself: an eclectic, liberal-minded community in the southwest corner of Decatur. It has a diverse mix of residents, as well as a large gay community.  And then there’s the beautiful mix of housing, from craftsman bungalows to early 1900 homes, including some modern prairie style houses too.  Many of the prairie homes were designed by Eric Rawlings, one of our favorite local architects and an Oakhurst resident.  All in all: a perfect location for a Porchfest!

More Porchfest funThe Oakhurst porchfest has been conveniently organized into hour-long segments.  We attended from 2pm – 4pm and thus got to see 2 lots of sets (porches).  We started at 126 3rd Avenue where the host not only provided some yummy noodle dishes for guests but also had a cooler full of IPAs, and presumably soft drinks too.  The band was Cleveland Jones and Martin Kearns and we could have stayed there for the full hour.

But just down the road, a beautiful stroll admiring the houses and other happy people, was Larry King at 703 3rd Ave, a Nashville singer/songwriter.  He drew in a large crowd, all of whom seemed to love Amanda’s father’s t-shirt!

184 Mead: A wonderful setting for this first time singerFor our 2nd hour, we hit Mead Road, where along with even more free beer from wonderful hosts, we got to see yet more creative and enchanting musicians playing in beautiful porches, including a young first time singer in front of the beautifully modern 184 Mead Road home.

The day was just gorgeous, and it seemed everyone was in a fun, playful mood.  As the Oakhurst website says,

Porchfest is a grassroots community music festival where front porches become stages, yards become venues, and radical generosity and good will rule the day. 

It was true – we had a blast and will be back next year!  In the meantime, you can view their website, to whet your appetite for 2017: Oakhurst Porchfest.