Midtown Restaurant Reviews Return!

The team was super excited to hear we were returning to Midtown for our reviews this month to celebrate the neighborhood turning 50.  Also Dawn is celebrating her 30th anniversary in Atlanta, and pretty much, Midtown too!  Enjoy our reviews and let us know if there are any places in future you’d like us to feature or check out:


By John Powell

The vegan mushroom French dip sandwich + Reformation (Woodstock GA) Cadence Belgian aleIf, like me, you haven’t been to Einstein’s recently I highly recommend it. During the 96 Olympics, I worked at this restaurant as a bartender and later the Metrotainment restaurant group as the designer of their 1st website while working for local ISP, MindSpring.

While everyone likely watched this business expand from its original one home footprint to three. They refused to stop there. Reconfiguring the interiors from original rooms and alcoves of the former residences to beautifully finished, open spaces able to comfortably accommodate more guests and provide better overall flow, this place continues to shine.

A wildly popular brunch spot that fills up on any and every sunny day as hungry and thirsty Park-goers roll out of Piedmont Park in search of sustenance. It sports a huge patio in addition to its warmly renovated interior spaces. And the food continues to improve and expand just like the property.

Brillant location with open spaces and great flowI dropped in recently for lunch to check it out. The 1st thing I noticed, the Einstein’s Grill sandwich is still being served. However, in the interim after becoming a vegetarian… Despite my fond memories I ordered the vegan mushroom French dip sandwich instead and washed it down with a Reformation (Woodstock GA) Cadence Belgian ale. A simply delicious paring. And, there’s a wide variety of menu items catering to any diet including those at the top of the food chain looking for beef or chicken, pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans, and the gluten-challenged.

Einstein’s may not be 50 like Midtown, but after opening in 1991, it’s proven staying power in the area suggest that it may (and should) be around for a long time to come.  Here’s their website if you’d like more information: Einstein’s Atlanta.


By Dawn Landau

If, like me, you haven’t been to Einstein’s recently I highly recommend it.