Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting

1934934_1383093665037742_9010128805013221539_nEnvirons attended The Midtown Alliance annual meeting at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday February 24th.  The Midtown Alliance organization brought together members of the Community to discuss plans to revitalize Midtown and make it a premiere destination for living, learning and working.   The intention of the meeting was to discuss the planning and physical improvements currentl101Hy in motion, and to highlight the many projects scheduled for future development.  There are currently more than 4,000 residential units and 750,000 SF of office and retail space under construction and Midtown Atlanta is experiencing the largest volume of new development activity in its history.  With this incredible growth comes a large amount of responsibility on the community to look forward to
the future and find long term solutions that fit its ever changing needs.

“What happens at street level makes a city, people want to be where the energy is good.” said Midtown Alliance CEO and President Kevin Green.  He spoke about bringing the Midtown Community together and building an exceptional future.  Green focused on ensuring the safety of a88Hll Midtown residents whether they commute by car, foot, bike or public transportation.  “We have an unprecedented opportunity to create transformational change in Midtown, and it begins with the street-level experience,” said Green.  He and other Midtown Alliance speakers emphasized that transportation is for people, not just cars and unveiled several plans to improve the landscaping and walkability of Midtown streets.  The Midtown Alliance also laid out its expectations for developers and the future of its community by publishing a “Midtown Owner’s Manual”, which is a guide book for new development.  This manual is intended to highlight zoning regulations, design principles and best practices for new development and redevelopment projects in Midtown Atlanta.

One of the most prominent focuses of the keynote address from Fred Kent, founder of the Project for Public Spaces, was making the Midtown neighborhood walkable for all ages.  There are over 14 miles of sidewalks in Midtown which is a major incentive to encourage a pedestrian-oriented community.  One of the most exciting announcements included an overhaul of Juniper Street that will transform over 14 blocks of the street into a green, yet urban space friendly to bikers and pedestrians on foot.  Overall, the future of Atlanta Midtown and its growth is very exciting and is looking forward to long term solutions to build an ever improving community.


For more information on the Midtown Alliance and the Midtown Owner’s Manual visit: http://www.midtownatl.com/