Hello Lovely New Kitchen

The new kitchen!Well, we did it! Three coats of paint on the cabinets, the fanciest hardware imaginable, a touch-function faucet, beautiful if a bit fragile countertops, painted blinds and a newly painted bar cabinet all make up a kitchen we are very happy with in the end.

Painting cabinets is not to be taken lightly. Make sure they are painted indoors. The slightest environmental effect will add unwanted texture. Best to have them painted at a cabinet shop but that requires removal and reinstall. Even so, it’s the better option for a top-notch finish. When going with white cabinets, also consider your wall color when selecting the cabinet color. I had to paint the trim twice. I had thought I would go with the trend of using the same color on the walls and the trim but it was not the right choice for our traditional bungalow. The painters were really happy to be done with us! We used the same trim color as is on the cabinets and a slightly off-white on the walls. PERFECT.

The new kitchen!News flash…even dark marble will etch and chip. I did both on the first day of use! Fortunately the chip was in a spot that is not very visible and we had the chip to glue back in but a quick lesson learned. We are both being more careful around the waterfall leg now :-) The etching will happen. Lemon juice is by far the worst culprit. The plan is to add another coat of sealer and just plan to re-hone and seal every few years.

Blinds…wow. So I went to order new ones in white since the maple ones were not good at ALL! $800 for the 4 so Terry said “let’s paint them”. Of course, I cried, and off to YouTube I went. Who knew how simple this was going to be :-). I ordered new components in white, tape, cord, tassels and tape caps for about $175 and that was for a LOT of white ladder tape. (let me know if you need some for 2″ blinds). The new kitchen!Now for the painting. Terry cleaned them with alcohol and went at it. Latex took too long to dry but had a nice finish so he went with a lacquer for the second coat. That paint left some “pock” marks that are barely noticeable but I would suggest using the latex spray and just be patient about the drying process. He got them back together easily and I wove in the cords. DONE!

Now for the touch-function faucet….I ordered it without checking with the man since I knew he didn’t like the idea of something else to break. I was sure I would love it. Not so much. I seem to turn it off when I don’t want to and have trouble getting it on when I want water! Terry on the other hand, loves it. So much for my sneaky order! Not sure if it will stay or go but it was a good experiment. I wouldn’t do it again … but it is very pretty :-)

The fanThe new kitchency hardware stole the show. We ordered it for the bar cabinet since it was so pricey and some other knobs for the cabinets. Well, once we held it up to the new white cabinet drawers, that was it. They are made of polished white bronze and have a lovely texture and hue. We both love how they feel too. KEEPER!

Last but not least, the antique bar cabinet was always “shabby chic” but was just too shabby now. I like having a piece of furniture in a room full of built-ins so I wanted to keep it. More paint! I diluted the same color as the cabinets with half water and went at it. The diluted paint made application easy and I could try different application techniques. Painting with a brush and then waiting a few minutes then brushing again was the best effect for this piece. I did it 3 times to get just the right saturation. It has an opaque color but it’s a layered look. Wax is next as are antique mirrors in the door and drawer panels.

The re-painted bar cabinetAll in all we are both really happy. The back splash is busier than I had anticipated but all our other rooms have quite a bit of pattern so it fits in. I’m tempted to add a wood valence to the windows to give them some depth. They would match the cabinets and bring that element over to that wall which is a little flat. And eventually we’ll add a cabinet to match the kitchen on the back porch which houses the microwave and pots and pans. Never ending projects :-)

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