Environs does… Inman Park (Part Two)

Last month we had so much fun checking out the fine establishments in Atlanta’s first “suburb”, the Inman Park neighborhood, that we rushed on back this month for more.  Check out what our team had to say about their experiences:

One Eared StagOne Eared Stag

By Dawn Landau

So the normal crew (Dawn, Stacy and Amanda) plus our world traveler, Lynn, decided to visit the One Eared Stag on Monday in hopes of snagging some fried chicken. We learned Monday’s are still chicken night but they called us at 7:30 (30 min prior to our reservation) to let us know that the chicken orders were all gone. A wonderful squash saladWhat a nice gesture and customer service effort. We went anyhow. As usual we shared some plates. Most were scrumptious. The pickled red shrimp with juniper cream and radish was a favorite as was the pea salad. Every morsel of the Dumpster Salad was consumed as was the fried smelt with snails. Our only complaints were that it was very hot where we were seated next to the kitchen and the service was EXTREMELY slow. Fun (but slow) night at the One Eared StagThe server was excellent so we felt it was slow due to kitchen issues. Just be aware and go ahead. If you want some yummy fried chicken, go on Monday and go early. We’ve had it before and it’s worth it! They have regularly updated menus, and you can check ’em out on their website.


hampton and hudsonHampton and Hudson

By Dawn Landau

One of the new additions to the Inman Park area, this is a casual dining concept that serves pub-style food and craft cocktails. Terry at Hampton + HudsonThe atmosphere is very cool but loud, VERY LOUD. Some folks left after coming in and hearing the decibel level. We stuck it out, ordered the daily $5 cocktail and perused the menu. Terry and I decided on the Fish + Chips and the Duck Ham Toast. Neither were anything to write home about but the portions were generous and the prices were reasonable (seems $16 for fried fish and French fries is reasonable these days, anyways). I might go back for a drink but probably not the food. I would expect some improvements since it’s fairly new so don’t write it off quite yet…. Here’s their website if you wanna learn more.


jenisiceBy Briana Holmes

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! And delicious fro-yo, sorbets, ice cream cookies (because, of course, ice cream + cookies = epic), and MORE! As a newbie to Atlanta, I gave up my favorite ice cream stops, but they have already been replaced by Jeni’s. Home to amazing ice cream since 2002, I can’t believe it’s taken me two months to visit!

Jeni's Splendid Ice CreamsOn the hottest of days, one must cool off in a refreshing, tasteful manner and TA-DA! It happened. As you approach all of the colors of ice cream, you also smell what I’m pretty sure is the perfect day. Don’t judge me, but I tried Birch & Marshmallows, Salty Caramel, Milkiest Chocolate, and the Churro flavor.It’s hard to narrow it down to my favorite but Churro definitely is winning in my book followed by Salty Caramel.

With three locations around Atlanta as well as a plentiful amount throughout the US, this is more than ice cream. This is the life. If you’re not near one, no fret. I also found out that you can order the ice cream online (note: order mom ice cream if you make her upset from afar). Online you can also find their Pint Club that ships you THREE pints of ice cream four times a year (if anyone needs any birthday ideas–use this)!

I can’t wait to go back to Jeni’s with my friends, family, or even alone. The treats are definitely worth it!


Bar Taco Inman Park

Bartaco (a return visit)

By Paige Stills

Fine tacos at BarTacoI think I may have found a new favorite place to eat! I went to Bartaco with a couple of friends, and we were impressed with the festive atmosphere and the outdoor patio (another great spot to people-watch). We each had a variety of tacos, but my personal favorites were the Baja Fish topped off with chipotle slaw, and the Mahi-Mahi with corn and sarrano pepper salsa. Their spin on grilled cornBarTaco: good for the people watching too! gets an honorable mention here, as do the stewed beans.

Did I mention the margaritas? My Sashito, made with combier liqueur d’orange, flor de caña silver rum, watermelon and lemon juice, was just what I needed. Our server, Jodene, did an exceptional job, as well. I would definitely recommend this place for a fun night out with friends.

Check out Bartaco’s website for more information.


Mint by sandpiperMint by Sandpiper

By Paige Stills

Mint by SandpiperMint by Sandpiper is a consignment boutique located at 245 North Highland Avenue in Inman Village. They carry a variety of designer brand shoes, clothing and accessories. It’s all too often that I am forced to rush to the mall to frantically shop for necessities at the last minute. Once in a while I get to have a little fun and take my time, and that’s exactly what happened when I stopped by Mint. Amber, whose aunt owns the boutique, was both friendly and helpful. It’s easy to find your own one-of-a-kind dress from an array of styles…absolutely fabulous! Check out the Mint by Sandpiper FB page that showcases their wares and has deals and news.