The EAV: A Celebration of Diversity

East Atlanta Village is quite literally on the east side of Atlanta, but village is a bit of a stretch (if only the wee English village this writer grew up in had 3 music venues, amazing restaurants and bars, and some of the coolest street art in town).  EAV is a pretty happening place and honestly we are a bit stunned to realize it took us so long to make our way over here.  Come on folks its 20 minutes from Midtown and was named “Atlanta’s best kept secret” by the Washington Post.  Check out the reviews from the intrepid Environs Real Estate Team…

eav-overviewA Village Overview

By Jane Phillips

So yes . . . I am a bit biased. This month we are exploring in my backyard; East Atlanta. My family loves living in East Atlanta. We are a close-knit community that celebrates diversity and tolerance for all. This is evident from Community Celebrations such as the East Atlanta Unity Gathering on February, 12. This Event was to celebrate our diverse community and to show support for our Residences and Guests. Mocha from Joe'sThe feel of community is also felt at Burgess Peterson Academy, our neighborhood Elementary School. The Teachers, Staff along with Principal David White make the students feel welcome and loved. My two youngest children attend BPA and we love having a neighborhood school that we can walk to. The feeling of community is also felt when we take a stroll to our Commercial District known as East Atlanta Village, or just The Village. The neighborhood slogan is “You look nice Today” and the feeling of support and kindness can be felt all around.

Some of our favorite places include:

joesJoe’s Coffee Shop  Joe’s is a cozy coffee shop with great coffee drinks and deserts. It fills up fast and part of the fun is sharing a table with someone you have never meet. You can check out Joe’s Fb page for more info.

Bee Pho at We Suki SukiWe Suki Suki  is another favorite. You order your Bahn Mi or Pho at the counter and head to the right to the collective to find a communal seat. The Collective is an ever-changing dinning hall experience. No matter what your craving you are sure to be happy with your choice. Here’s the We Suki Suki website.

East Atlanta is home to some great nightlife. We have two great live music venues: The Earl  and 529 EAV .

There are lots of great bars with Hipsters of all ages. Be sure to check out Mary’s for Mary-0ke (Karaoke Mary’s Style).

I enjoy the bar at Argosy. It’s a great place to meet up and have drinks with friends. I hear the food is great too, and will try soon but so far I have just had wonderful drinks at the bar.

East Atlanta has a little bit of something for all. Even our Farmer’s Market is a little different; it runs April-December from 4-8pm. We have some Awesome events such as EAV Strut, East Atlanta Beer Fest, and EAV-O-Ween.


we suki sukiwe suki suki

By Briana Holmes

My friends are addicted to Pho so we decided to head over to We Suki Suki because well, why not? After researching a ton and seeing that everyone who tries it out falls in love, we decided that we too deserve love from food. There were three different choices for Pho: beef, grilled lemongrass chicken and vegan shiitake mushroom & tofu. Mind you, this is my first time trying pho, but my friends told me to get the chicken and forced me to get a full bowl. I was not happy about spending $8 for something that I may not like, but decided to give it a try anyway.

More pho!As we waited for our food, the people grabbing food there (it’s dine in only) were so nice and welcoming, and you really just felt like you were sitting in a room of friends. It’s not common you get that vibe in the city. Fast forward to the food being ready. OH MY GOSH! THIS WAS THE BEST $8 I’VE SPENT ON FOOD IN FOREVER! Why have I not had Pho sooner? Why didn’t my friends tell me about this amazing creation? And WHY hadn’t anyone told me about We Suki Suki sooner? So now not only am I in LOVE with Pho, but I want to try everything on their menu. We Suki Suki has me hooked. Please be careful before going there. There’s a really good chance you’ll fall in love with food again and leave your old fave. Enjoy!  Here’s the we suki suki website, check it out but then go eat!


By Dawn Landau

Well, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t visited EAV in a while. My brother lived there back in the 90s and we renovated one of our first spec homes in East Atlanta, on Crestwood Drove. Boy, are things a-changin’! We decided on Argosy, a large restaurant housed in an old grocery store. According to our server, Holly, some of the flooring was used as accent features on the walls. The ceilings are vaulted but the tables are nicely spaced so the noise-factor is very low. The menu is casual with a variety of pizza’s, vegetarian fare and southern faves. The beer list is HUGE, so all you brew fans need to stop in.

Terry's pizza with chorizo, pepperoni and arugula.Terry had a pizza, of course, with chorizo, pepperoni and arugula. It’s really all about the crust and this one did not disappoint. The massive brick oven at the rear of the place did its job on the thin crust. Light and crispy on the edge, slightly chewy in the middle. AND, it was at the table 10 minutes after ordering on a busy Thursday night. He’s a beer guy so the order was Reformation Stark Nitro. The 5% alcohol was the driver on the selection. It was….Terry take over here….

Nashville Hot Chicken sandwichI had the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich served on an H&F bun. The menu indicated a black-eyed pea salad but I was offered other sides. I went with the menu pairing. OMG…delish. The chicken was crispy and perfectly seasoned. I left off half the bun but that’s my effort at self-control :-) The side salad was also fantastic with little bursts of pomegranate seeds tossed in. To drink, I tried the Harmony #2 which is similar to a Pimms Cup without the fizz. I would have liked a nice block of ice in mine but it came sans ice in a short glass. Since brews are their specialty, they get a pass on the cocktail presentation.

Enjoying the EAVOur meal and drinks were $55 and Terry took pizza home. By far the best value we have experienced in a while!!! Thanks Holly :-)  And here’s the Argosy Website.



Grant Central PIzza and PastaGrant Central Pizza & Pasta

By John Powell

Newcastle Ale with a large gooey slice of mushroom and extra cheese pieLike many Americans, one of my all time favorite foods is pizza. Which reminds me of this quote attributed to famous third basemen and former Yankee manager, Joe Torre, “pizza is like sex. when it’s good, it’s real good. and when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good!” – so I’d recommend a little pizza about anytime!

An East Atlanta neighborhood favorite for years and one of my go-to’s, Grant Central Pizza & Pasta. A super laid back spot with plenty of spacious booths and large tables they can easily accommodate groups or families. And for those interested in people watching, check out the tables up front near the windows. Easy parking on the street or directly behind building.

A super laid back spot with plenty of spacious booths and large tablesA quick slice and soda is my typical MO. However on this beautiful, sunny and warm Friday afternoon (in February) that didn’t quite feel appropriate.

Soda? Nah, a beer was certainly in order. My request for a pint didn’t pan out though. Apparently on this visit, the draft beer system had just frozen up so after a quick review of the beer and wine list, I settled on a 16oz bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale to wash down my large gooey slice of mushroom and extra cheese pie. Simply perfect! If pizza is not your thing, know that there are numerous sandwich options including vegetarian and salads as well.  You can check out the Grant Central website or Facebook page.