Baking Soda … Not Just for Cookies?

The messinessThis month, we are excited to feature a DIY success from one of Dawn’s clients who just purchased a unit in Spire.

The electric, flat-topped range was covered in burnt messiness and we all thought it might have to be replaced. The challenge was just too tempting for Serken who wanted to use his home budget on new furniture rather than a new range :-)

So…off he went to that magnificent world of the internet. The links below were helpful in his effort to transform the mess to a shiny, like-new range top.

cleantopSerken’s helpful HINT to add to the directions below: Use a razor blade to gently scrape away the gunk. REPEAT the process until you have a shiny range top!  “My recipe has two key ingredients hydrogen peroxide and baking powder.

These are the videos that we recommend before you tackle this project and once more become happy home owners!

cleantopserken spire-unit-owners