Babalu: Mississippi, Ricky Ricardo and tacos

babalu-blogBabalu Tapas & Tacos

By Dawn Landau

The server brought guacamole ingredient options from which to chooseWho would have thunk it!? This Mississippi “chain” brings it. I was honored with an invite from Steve Saenz of Urban Explorers to a pre-opening trial run at their new Midtown location. The food was free and the proceeds from the beverages went to charities, one of which was the Shepherd Center. That was a good start!

We tried the signature G. H. Tea cocktail with peach vodka, green tea and other yummy stuff as well as a pink margarita that was delish as well. Next up was the made-at-the-table quac. The server brought ingredient options from which to choose and we loaded up with everything… imagine that?

The redfish will be on my order the next visitWe tried the Mexican Street Corn (my fave) and the Cheese Grits as sides along with the Camerones (shrimp) and Carnitas (pork) tacos. And finally, since it was free after all, we tried the Pan Roasted Redfish. Everything was FANTASTIC but the Redfish was the table favorite. They forced us to the try a desert sampler so we complied without much fuss. Glad we did. All were great but the Bread Pudding took the vote.

They forced us to the try a desert samplerService was marvelous and attentive. The staff was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the menu. The GM and the Executive Chef both stopped by our table and stayed to visit for a moment. Not just the requisite “how is everything” norm. Prices are VERY reasonable, portions generous and atmosphere fun and relaxed.

This is a don’t miss place. You’ll probably see me there when you go :-)

Check out the Atlanta Babalu website here.